Rexall has built a rich heritage of making life a little healthier one day at a time
In the beginning, the Rexall® name grew from "Rx" to "Rexall". It was a change in the right direction and better expressed the brand’s trusted ideal for caring for families, our neighbors, across the US.

Founded in 1903, Rexall® values have stood the test of time, and after more than one hundred years, our commitment to providing families affordable, high-quality wellness products still serves as the foundation for Rexall’s® success.

Today, Rexall® products span a wide range of over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and sunscreens to home health care products. And all are available at affordable prices. This is what we believe being a good neighbor is all about. And this is what will carry Rexall® into a healthy future.
Rexall values
Rexall success